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"Cancer and other Degenerative Diseases cannot survive in an
oxygen rich environment"
                                                                     quote from Dr. Otto Warburg
                                                                 Nobel Prize Winner in Medicine

A holistic naturopathic in Dallas solution

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Don't Guess!  Test!   

Let us test and see which     food &  supplements
you really need so the body possibly can heal itself.

Mission Statement
Our Goal is Your Health.  With God's Grace we utilize Holistic Naturopathic Health modalities and Oxygen Steam Saunas, Detoxification Protocols, Advanced Massage Therapies and cutting edge laboratory analysis evaluating your levels of nutrients specifically Oxygen, Vitamins, Minerals, Ho
rmones and Micronutrients.

This solution is holistic naturopathic
in Dallas area


Day Spring  Reviews:  4.3 Star Overall Rating

The Three Imperatives for
Good Health
Oxygen, Cellular Nutrition & Cellular Detoxification

1.  Oxygen   - for cell respiration
2.  Nutrients     - Vitamins, Minerals, Micronutrients individual specific
3.  Detoxification  - to eliminate waste products

A solution that is holistic naturopathic. In Dallas

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