Andropause - Male Menopause

Hormone loss as we age doesn't happen just to women. The modern lifestyle of high stress levels and poor fitness and nutrition habits paired with an increased life expectancy have a substantial affect on the male body. With your hormone-producing glands being forced to work harder and longer, it is no wonder that hormones become imbalanced over time.  The imbalance of just one hormone causes imbalance in other hormones and leads to a domino effect of sorts. 

Men experience a gradual loss of hormones, mainly testosterone. The result is andropause, known as the "male menopause." Andropause can make daily life feel like an uphill battle, and because men are living longer, more active lives they are seeking and finding relief from the serious symptoms of hormone imbalance.  Andropause symptoms due to declining hormone levels are common in men as they age.  In men, this hormone imbalance often has the biggest impact on testosterone and cortisol (the stress hormone). With testosterone and cortisol levels out of proper range, men experience a range of andropause symptoms.

 Men may not experience all of the andropause symptoms below,  but instead commonly experience a combination of symptoms. While these symptoms are signs of andropause, they may also be symptoms of other conditions like adenal fatigue and poor thyroid health.  Hormonal imbalance in men are at the root of many chronic health issues and can increase the risk of serious disease.

The signs of andropause and related hormonal issues include:

Muscle loss                                                   Lower sex drive
Weight gain                                                   Irritability
Fatigue                                                          Depression
Sleep problems                                            Hair loss
Gynecomastia                                              Erectile dysfunction
Hot flashes or night sweats                         Urinary problems 
Memory loss

Relief for Mail Menopause Symptoms

Cotnrary to the popular belief, none of the above mail menopause symptoms are just signs of old age.  These andropause symptoms may be correctable through bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.  It all starts with a quick and simple testing that allows an expert bioidentical hormone and anti-aging physician to prescribe an individualized natural bioidentical hormone, nutrition, supplement and fitness program designed to work specifically with your body to correct your symptoms. This natural treatment for the symptoms of andropause may help you regain your health and confidence.   Live better, longer.

You can download, print and complete a Symptoms Checklist to take to your healthcare provider (link below).