Nutrition made simple!

Are you tired of all the nutritional conflict and confusion?
Are you ready to become your own nutritional expert?

If so, check out the numerous benefits of our Trace Elements Inc. hair analysis that include:

2-Pages of Graphic Results - 36 nutritional and toxic elements

  Comprehensive Interpretation             (In layman terms usually 10-15 pages) 

Healthy Foods Recommendations        (Know which foods supply the nutrients you need)

 Supplement Recommendations           (A personalized nutritional supplement program).  
                          Consultation to review your results!   
(up to 1-hour)

Metabolic Trends - Potential symptoms based on your current mineral patterns.

Stress Indicators - Know your current stage of stress.                                                                              

Program Support - Includes any additional support questions while following the program - NO additional cost.


The advantages of Hair Analysis include:

Collecting a hair sample is quick, easy, and non-invasive.

Hair analysis is among the most cost-effective mineral analyses.

Hair is less susceptible to erratic changes in the blood affecting trace element levels

Hair provides a long-term record of mineral excesses and deficiencies.

Hair provides an accurate long-term record of biological activity (your metabolism).

Hair is E.P.A. recognized for the assessment of toxic metals