Hot Flashes or Night Sweats in Men

The Cause: Andropause Hot Flashes

While it is true that hot flashes are more common in women, hot flashes in men are not unusual. Male hot flashes are caused by a severe testosterone deficiency that can occur in andropause (male menopause) and in androgen deprivation therapy for prostate cancer.

Andropause hot flashes occur because the low levels of testosterone confuse the hypothalamus (the thermal control center of the brain) into believing that the body is overheated. As a result, the hypothalamus sends signals to widen blood vessels in the skin in order to force this fictional excess heat out of the body. Male menopause hot flashes represent your body's attempt to keep cool and not overheat.

Since testosterone can stimulate prostate cancer growth, a key treatment to the disease is androgen deprivation therapy. While this is an effective method for inhibiting cancer growth, it can result in side effects. The therapy effectively places a man into andropause and nearly 80% of the time results in male menopause hot flashes.

The Cause:  Night Sweats in Men

Night sweats in men are not caused by external heat, but instead by the malfunctioning hypothalamus (the temperature control center in the brain). The hypothalamus receives false signals (caused by a hormonal imbalance) that the body is overheated and causes the body to react immediately to expel this non-existent excess heat.

The low testosterone levels that are found in andropausal men are commonly the cause of the false signals sent to the hypothalamus. High cortisol (stress) levels and poor diet and fitness may contribute to night sweats in men.

The Solution

Andropause hot flashes can be effectively treated and relieved with bioidentical testosterone replacement therapy. For men with prostate cancer, small doses of the female treatment for hot flashes, estrogen, often diminishes the problem. Treatment without hormone testing by an expert hormone specialist is not suggested; you can't fix the problem without knowing the cause. However, once tested, your bioidentical hormone therapy physician can prescribe the right treatment for your individual circumstances to not only relieve you of hot flashes, but also to relieve the other symptoms of andropause. He will also prescribe a regimen of nutrition, supplements and fitness to maintain overall hormone health. Hot flashes in men are very treatable.

Since night sweats in men are also often caused by a hormonal imbalance of testosterone and/or cortisol, treatment with natural bioidentical hormones is suggested.  Once the hormones are put back in balance, the male night sweats are likely to end.  your bioidentical hormone replacement therapy doctor can balance your hormones and offer a customized nutrition, supplement and fitness program. 

With balanced hormones and a proper nutrition and fitness plan, relief from you male night sweats is only a start.  Other symptoms caused by your hormone imbalances such as muscle loss, low sex drive, hair loss, weight gain, fatigue and many more are also likely to diminish.


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