Activated oxygen Selectively Inhibits Growth of Human Cancer Cells

Science Vol. 209, 22 Aug 1980, pp. 931-933
The growth of human cancer cells from lung, breast, and uterine
tumors was selectively inhibited in a dose-dependent manner by O3 at 0.3 to 0.8 part per million of ozone in ambient air
during 8 days of culture. Human lung diploid fibroblasts served
as noncancerous control cells. The presence of ozone at 0.3 to
0.5 part per million inhibited cancer cell growth 40 and 60
percent, respectively. The non-cancerous lung cells were
unaffected at these levels. Exposure to o3 at 0.8 part per
million inhibited cancer cell growth more than 90 percent and
control cell growth less than 50 percent. Evidently, the
mechanisms for defense against O3 damage are impaired in
human cancer cells.

24 April 1980; revised 11 June 1980.

OxyFile #520

"Activated Oxygen, Allotrophic Oxygen, O3, Ozone - Our Most Important Health Enhancer!"

By Tom Harrelson

Dr. Otto Warburg (twice Nobel Prize winner & third-time nominee)
said concerning his winning discoveries, "healthy cells thrive on
Oxygen .....or they become cancerous cells from the lack of
Oxygen!" For years physiologists have been looking for new and
better ways to improve the aerobic threshold and also aid recovery
without the use of steroids. Recently, researchers have proved,
what the Germans have known for 50+ years, that Ozone (O3) , a
very powerful activated form of oxygen, can improve the health of
the body in many ways that oxygen (O2) can not. Oxygen has a very
stable electrical bond, not being readily absorbed and utilized.
However, Ozone having a deficiency of one electron, has an
unstable electrical bond, causing it to be very reactive and
oxidative, which allows it to be able to combine with and
neutralize a multitude of pathogens, free radicals, and chemicals,
plus super-oxygenate the bloodstream. The following includes some
of the effects of Ozone on the human body in particular.

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