Vitamin D Testing

Vitamin D Deficiency:  Will you know when it's too late?  We now offer a simple, convenient and accurate test for screening Vitamin D levels.

Many physicians are responding to recent research linking a variety of disease states and general wellness to Vitamin D levels.  Vitamin D deficiency (levels measured below 32 mg/ml) does not have obvious symptoms and can increase your risk for more serious diseases including flu, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, and multiple sclerosis.  In addition, an increased risk for strokes, diabetes (types 1 and 2), depression and breast and colon cancer are closely linked to low Vitamin D levels.

ZRT has developed and refined Vitamin D testing (both D 2 and D 3 ) in dried blood spots.  A few drops of blood from a quick and nearly painless nick of the finger are places on a filter paper to dry.  This can be performed easily either at a health practitioner's office or the convenience of home.  The dried blood spot sample is then sent to ZRT for analysis.  With ZRT's innovative blood spot test, there is no more wasted time and resources going to a lab for a painful blood draw.

Once the lab has received your dried blood sample, your results will be available in about a week.  As you continue to monitor your Vitamin D levels, ZRT will generate a "history" test report with your newest test results compared to previous tests.  This will enable your healthcare provider to recommend the right dose of supplementation, if necessary, and then track your treatment progress.  If you have additional questions about Vitamin D or blood spot testing, please ask your doctor, pharmacist, or other trained healthcare provider.